Avenues Seedbank

What is Seedbank?

The world’s problems will be solved by audacious and courageous young people. Seedbank is a global incubator for Avenues students in grades 6-12 to start or continue their journey of making the world a better place. Students apply through a process that prepares them for future funding meetings, pitch competitions, and accelerator programs. Upon acceptance, students receive funds, support from mentors, and a real opportunity to build and test their solution to a global-scale problem. During Seedbank students both participate and lead an incubator-like experience as they translate an idea to impact.

What is included?

Seedbank is designed to help startups in their infancy succeed by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training.


Teams will be part of a global cohort of seed bankers across Avenues campuses.


Teams will participate in a global retreat to meet their cohort and mentors, and to launch projects.


Team will receive expert mentorship to guide the rapid prototyping of solutions.


Teams will have support from a Global Seedbank Team of faculty and staff representatives from all campuses.


Teams will gain real-world experiences and contact with communities and social entrepreneurs.


Upon acceptance, teams will receive seed funding available to support real initiatives.


Seedbank is designed to help startups in their infancy succeed by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training.
Seedbank timeline for 2022-23

Who are we looking for?

Any student or group of students grades 6-12 in the Avenues ecosystem is eligible to apply for Seedbank. Students can bring concrete ideas incubated in classes or clubs. Applications should include a description of teams Minimum Viable Product, a budget request, and the name of a faculty reference. To be in Seedbank, we ask that students are passionate about a problem, are ready to contribute to a community of supportive and equally passionate people, and are working towards developing a solution that can grow to make a lasting, positive impact.
Em: Empathy… Avenues World Element
Gm: Global Mindset… Avenues World Element
En: Entrepreneurship… Avenues World Element
Sm: Scientific Method… Avenues World Element
H: Humility… Avenues World Element

Qualities of a Budding Social Entrepreneur

  • Strong sense of purpose
  • Self-awareness
  • Deep experiences, reflection
  • Make connections between issues

We are seeking students…

  • with a demonstrated interest in a social or environmental global scale problem.
  • with well-thought-out solutions who are ready to prototype.
  • working toward systemic solutions, even if acting locally.

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