About Seedbank

About Seedbank

Seedbank is an Avenues incubator for student-led startups that aim to solve global-scale problems. Why do we exist? To incentivise students to pilot solutions to global scale problems. What do we do? We provide funding, mentorship, and experiences for a global cohort of students piloting solutions to global scale problems.

Global Seedbank Team

Campus Leads
  • Steven Dracht

    Steven Dracht

    AON Campus Lead
  • Allison Uros

    São Paulo
  • Erin Sheehan

    New York
  • Helene Necroto

    New York
  • Bonnie Ye

  • Jessica Li

    Silicon Valley
Admin Team
  • Sylvia Guimarães

    Sylvia Guimarães

    Director, Community Engagement SP
  • Drew Edwards

    Drew Edwards

    Global Seedbank Expert
  • Jorge Kalil

    Jorge Kalil

    Community Engagement Associate, Avenues SP