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Seedbank Application Portal

In this Seedbank Application Portal you will find resources to help you complete a Seedbank application. To be accepted into Seedbank you will have to provide compelling answers to the following questions:

  • What problem are you working to solve?
  • What is your motivation?
  • What will you make?
  • What will it cost?

Below, you will find video resources to help you answer these key questions and tips for preparing a high-quality application.

Application Resources

Define problemWhat’s your motivationMinimum viable productBudgetFaculty reference

Defining the parameters of the problem is essential to solving it. For the defining your problem section of the application, consider the following questions to help you illustrate the importance of the issue you want to solve:

  • Who does the problem affect? How many people are affected?
  • What does this look like locally?
  • What happens if we do not solve this issue?
  • What has your process been for understanding the issue?

The world faces a lot of problems. Take a moment to reflect on how you came to learn about this issue and why it matters to you. For sharing your motivation, consider the following questions:

  • What motivates you to work on this problem?
  • Identify your positionality to the issue: does it affect you directly? Does it affect anyone you know? Speak personally about your relationship with the issue.
  • What role should you play in fixing it?

Seedbank is about making a practical impact on problems now. To do this, we focus on prototyping (or piloting) new ideas and making small, incremental developments to existing ones, and then scaling solutions. For describing what you would make with Seedbank Prize money, consider the following questions:

  • Is it a service, a product, or something else entirely?
  • Are you innovating on something that exists or inventing something new?
  • What information will you learn to solve your problem through what you propose to make?

It takes time and money to make anything. An essential part of the application is filling out a budget for what you estimate it will cost to make your solution. Judges will be asking themselves the following questions when evaluating your budget, consider these and the budget template:

  • What is the minimum viable product to understand if an idea will work?
  • Is everything on this budget necessary? If something was missing, would it still work?
  • Are these costs scaleable to address the issue beyond time with Seedbank?
  • Note: budgets are not to exceed $5,000.
  • Download a budget template.

Before submitting your application, please consult a faculty reference who has familiarity with your solution or can speak about your familiarity with your problem of focus.

Apply for Seedbank

Application Due: November 11, 2022

Step 1


  • Watch all the application resource videos on this page.
  • Click the button below to view the application questions.
  • Draft all of your answers in a separate document (providing as much detail as possible).
  • Schedule a meeting with your campus lead or the Global Seedbank Team if you have any questions.

Step 2


  • Complete the form by pasting in your responses.
  • Submit the form when you are ready.

Step 3

Feedback and Acceptance

  • The Seedbank team will review applications and invite finalists to present a pitch to a panel of experts.